McHenry County Juniors Volleyball Club 

  1. What is club volleyball? Club volleyball is a competitive program designed to give volleyball players an additional opportunity to compete in the game of volleyball. It is a program that strives to challenge the athletes to improve and mature as volleyball players and teammates. Whether a player is graduating from high school and preparing themselves for the collegiate level, or a high school or middle school team, the club program helps the athlete become more skillful, coachable, and experienced for their next school.
  1. What are the main reasons people choose a Juniors’ Program for their daughter? We have been asked this question many times during the past 15 years and one of the main reasons players return is the “family spirit”.  We keep things positive, keep the lines of communication open, and work hard at making the Juniors VB clubs the best club for you and your family. We have also been commended for our outstanding organization within the club. Our club directors and coaches are involved for one main reason – their love of the game of volleyball and willingness to share their knowledge with the younger generation. The McHenry County Juniors is an affiliate program of the Wisconsin Juniors.
  1. How many players are on a team, and how many teams will be formed? We like to keep the number at 10, and the number of teams will depend on how many girls tryout.

      4. What is involved with club tryouts?

Tryouts will take place during a 90 minute time period. Tryouts will be held the first week in October for ages 9-14, and at the end of October for 15s.  They will be held at the Volo Sports Plex in Volo, IL. There will be a tryout fee of 20.00.  All coaches will have involvement in the tryout selections.

The coaching staff will be looking for coachable athletes who have a great work ethic and want to learn to be better players. Athletes will be tested and evaluated for their overall athletic ability and level of volleyball skill. Teams need to be balanced with all positions. Attitude, leadership, and focus are also considered. In all cases, the coaches will consider you not only as an individual, but as part of a team.

We will do our best to place players on teams of similar skill and dedication.

  1. Does everyone make a team? As much as we would love to keep every player, we need to respect the club’s policy of only having 10 girls to a team. In certain situations we will take 11 but never more than that.
  2. Can parents watch tryouts? McHenry County Juniors love parents, however, sometimes they are a distraction and your daughter may actually have a better tryout if you are not present. You are more than welcome to watch from the viewing area at the Volo Sports Plex.
  1. Are commitments binding? YES! Once you sign up on webpoint for the rosters, you are contractually and legally obligated to complete your team.
  2. Can student-athletes “play up” with an older age group? Yes, this is possible, however, we encourage players to play within their own age.
  3. Can players be moved or added to a team after initial teams are assigned? It is unlikely, but it could potentially happen.
  4. Do teams practice together or separately? Our teams will ALL have individual time with their own teams, as well as, time with another team for scrimmaging and drill purposes.
  5. How often do teams practice? All MCJ teams will practice two times a week unless there is a tournament conflict.
  6. When do teams practice? Practices could be on any day from 5:00-9:00. We try to have the younger teams go first so they can get home and in bed!
  7. Where do teams practice? We practice at Volo Sports Plex in Volo, IL as well as at Richmond Grade School.
  8. Are student-athletes allowed to play other sports? YES! We encourage our girls to play other sports and “do other things.” This makes for a more-well rounded athlete.
  9. Is there a playing time philosophy? We believe that playing time during competition is important to player development. Accordingly, we have a playing time philosophy that we feel balances our two goals while at a competitive event: player development of every athlete on every team and competitive success. At younger ages, playing time is more equal. At the older ages, playing time becomes less equal. On every team we feel that playing time distribution is of great importance, however, playing time does NOT have to be equal. No team will have 100% equal playing time.

All players will have a role on the team they are chosen for. Ability, attitude, position played, attendance at practices, and the level of the tournament are all factors that can play a role.  All players are given equal time at practices, but may not have equal playing time at tournaments. If practices/tournaments are missed, that time may be needed to be made up, or playing time may be reduced.

What happens in case of injury and/or quitting the team?

Players that resign from a team for any reason other than injury will receive zero refund. Players that are injured, as confirmed in writing by a medical professional, will receive a refund as follows:

Injured on Jan 1st or before – 50% refund of fees. Injured on Feb 1st or before – 30% refund of fees. Injured after March 1st – no refund of fees

  1. Where are tournaments? We try to keep the vast majority of tournaments within an hour and a half drive of the Richmond/Johnsburg area.
  2. How often are tournaments? Tournaments will begin in January and will be about twice a month through March. All tournaments are on the weekends.
  3. What if we have conflicts? We believe it is OK for conflicts to arise, however, what we expect is up-front communication with the team coach, and respect for the commitment you have made to your team.

What are your parent policies?

Support the team and club, not just one’s own daughter.

  • Attempt to look out for, protect, and seek out the best interest of the team and the club, not just the best interest of one’s daughter—understanding that what is best for one, is not always best for the collective
  • Keep “negative” or “critical” communication private and away from one’s daughter and
  • Allow your daughter to develop her own opinions about the team coach, teammates, and club – recognizing that their opinion may be different from
  • Actively seek positive ways to help the team and
  • Remember the implications of social networking sites…please remain positive and supportive when posting anything on the
  • Any spectator that comes to watch your daughter play is binded to the same contract that you are

What are your club fees and what does it cover? 

The fees for this club season will be $850

This includes the following:

  • At least 6 tournament play dates
  • Practice 2x/week
  • Coach’s Stipend
  • Equipment Use
  • Gym Rental
  • Tournament entry fees
  • 2 uniform tops and spandex
  • Insurance
  • Season running from December – March
  1. How are fees paid? How will fees be collected? Following tryouts, all players and a parent must attend a mandatory uniform sizing and fee payment meeting.

*** The uniform sizing and fee day is scheduled for  Sunday, November 5th

*** Families with special financial needs should contact Jim Neave to make other arrangements. We have never turned a player away from Wisconsin Juniors VBC because of financial difficulty.

  1. Do the Wisconsin Juniors offer a scholarship program? Yes! For the 2016-2017 season, the Wisconsin Juniors will award $5,000 in scholarship moneys to non-high school student athletes from our scholarship fund. All awards are 100% needs-based. Zero awards are based on talent or performance. More information in regards to applying for need based scholarships will be available on the Wisconsin Juniors website.